How do you find the time?

I moved into a new studio in June, just a couple of busy months ago. The calendar has been full of client work ever since.

How do you find the time for personal work and creative experiments? You don't. You make it. Email some people. Make a few phone calls. Put it on the calendar. If you don't, it will never happen.

A small handful of people showed up on a Tuesday morning to help me shoot the beginning of a project that they only had basic details for.

Each of these images was shot in just a few frames with one strobe off camera right about 10 feet from the subject. The strobe was fired through a different object for each subject.

All images were shot at ISO50 at 1/200 sec, f/8 on a Canon 5DIII.

Comment below to guess the object. If you get it right, I'll shoot yours for free.