Phil + The Wig

My buddy Phil came by to visit the studio and he agreed to let me make a few photographs of him. I also have an old mannequin that I use for lighting tests. The mannequin stands next to the door and also scares almost everyone who comes by the studio. She came with this amazing wig that you might have seen around here before. So, of course, I asked Phil to wear my wig.

If you want to drop by to #WearMyWig give me a shout.


Welly Merck Watches (and a 20% discount code)

After 10 or so years with the same watch, it finally bit the dust. Each time it needed repaired, the price went up and it finally wasn’t worth it. So I started searching for a new watch. As a nerd, I was digging through watch forums, hunting on eBay for vintage watches, etc. You know. All of the normal things you do to buy a watch. Then, Welly Merck reached out about trying one of their watches. That’s how we ended up here.

I’m now the proud owner of a Welly Merck Classic New York RBR. My 5 and 3 year old refer to it as Papa’s handsome watch. I really dig it but there was a slight curve in getting used to the Welly Merck. 

Welly Merck offer’s several variations on their watch with mesh, leather, or fabric straps. For my money, their mesh straps really stand out. They’re all a 38mm watch case with the crown in the 4 o’clock position. *Side Note: 4 o’clock should be the only acceptable crown position. The New York is 6mm thin. It’s very slim and sometimes I forget that I’m wearing it. The dial is easy to read and maintains time very well. I tend to wear a lot of black and grey and wanted a watch that would work with anything I wore without too much thought. The Welly Merck New York is described as rose gold. I was unsure if this color would be as neutral as I was hoping but it turned out it is! It works great no matter what I’m wearing. The crystal is made out of sapphire glass. Finally, no more broken glass! I can't tell you how many crystal's that I broke on my previous watch.

There are two things I don’t absolutely love. Both are pretty minor and I’m getting used to them. First, I wish the dial had the calendar date. Nothing huge. But it would be nice to have the option. Second, the watch band has a very unique strap system. Or at least one that I’ve never seen before. I like the way it looks cosmetically, but it takes a little practice to learn to use. You slide the mesh strap into the locking mechanism and lock the clasp down. The trick is that the extra end of the strap feeds under the strap so that it is hidden. The makes the watch look a lot cleaner, but because you don’t have an end of the strap to grab, it is a little harder to feed through and lock down. I’m used to it now, but the first couple of times, it took me a second to get it on and adjusted correctly.

For the lazy, here is a bullet point list:

6mm thin
Sapphire glass
Mesh band seems very durable (only time will tell)
4 o’clock crown position
Easy to read dial

Band clasp has a minor learning curve
No date on the dial

You can check out Welly Merck here! And as a bonus to you, enter my name “danielsmyth” at checkout and save 20% on your new Welly Merck. I hope you dig it as much as I do.


Joshua Jessen

I first met Josh several years ago. My wife was a barista and Josh was one of the musicians in a newly formed jazz night at our neighborhood coffee shop. I've always been impressed at his genuineness as well as his musical prowess. We both also graduated from the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music, but missed each other by a couple years.

Among other live performances, and recording projects, Josh most recently played Bill Evans in Don Cheadle's film "Miles Ahead."⠀

I asked Josh to come into the studio a few weeks backs for some test shots I wanted to make. He was more than gracious to oblige.

Which one is your favorite?

Technical info for you:
Fuji XT2 & XF56 1.2
2 Paul C Buff Einsteins
Cactus V6II triggers